micIn the spirit of wellness, The Reed for Hope Foundation launches a powerful collaborative wellness challenge that embraces men and women from all walks of life and all levels of fitness. Friends, families, couples, trainers and everyone with a body, this is for YOU. We want YOU healthier. June kicks things off. Join the movement, today. Set a goal, start whenever, share your progress, then meet us at the X (The Spot). First stop…The BET Experience 2015.  This Challenge is part of an ongoing series of collaborative events aiming to unify all of our communities. As we get fit for the summer, this inclusive event allows individuals to choose a fitness program, trainer, goals and techniques of their choice. The fun is in the sharing. Work-out, eat right, take your tests, share, and dare your friends to to do the same. Our non-profit LoveHealthy platform is about making wellness and disease prevention less of a solo act, and more of a group effort. Stay Tuned……..


June 6th through June 27th, celebrities, trainers, workout gurus,  friends, family and loved ones alike will be encouraged to 1.) Set a Goal, 2.) Share their daily fitness regimen, clean eating habits, motivations and daily workout plans. Start at anytime. Pick a program from our June Fitness Stars page or find a program to support your goals online or at your nearest fitness center.

Each day during the Love Healthy Fit For Summer Challenge (JUNE), one of our celebrated fitness consultants will be highlighted. Join one of them at anytime. Tweet or connect with them online and they will work to share information to help you reach your goal. You can also share your fitness tips and wellness metjhose with the masses via the LoveHealthy social media handles and BET.com sites.


Health and Wellness Stars of The Month

Luther Freeman and Kathy Drayton, Massy, AJ Johnson, Michael Blanks, Rahman Grayson, Dolvette Quince, and Deanna Jefferson, Wesley Jonathon, Angela Simmons, and counting.




Eva Marcille, Anthony Anderson, Angela Simmons,  Nicole Ari Parker, Boris Kodjoe, Tyra Banks, Affion Crockett, Massie, Keri Hilson, Hosea Chanchez, Naturi Naughton, Kenny Smith, Jussie Smollett, Deanna Jefferson,

The 21 Day Let’s Get It Together Challenge champions preventative wellness. Whether it’s working out with a professional personal trainer or training on their own, every individual will be charged to action, share pictures, videos, and posts using the #LetsGetItTogether and #21DayLoveHealthyChallenge hashtags.


#LoveHeathy#FitForSummer Challenge wants to unite ONE MILLION People Globally by June 27th.  

On Saturday June 27th at 12pm all challengers will be invited to join us at the 2015 BET Awards Experience Love Healthy Lounge for the first stop on our summer tour- The BET Experience – Love Healthy Wellness Pavilion.  Also, at designated time we want to show the world what a million people connected by fitness looks like for a session looks like

In a powerful several minute training session, led by fitness ambassadors, replicating techniques and workouts used all month long, we want to explode onto social media like a flash mob ……….but for wellness.


Virtual or Internet participants (non-present) will be encouraged to take part in this Fitness finale by participating via snapchat, commenting or posting in real time on lovehealthy.com, BET.com. or on social media – posting pictures and video on Twitter, Facebook or Instagram using the hashtags #lovehealthy, #fit-together, #BETExperience2015.

Love Healthy #FitForSummer CHALLENGES YOU TO: